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About us

        In addition to cooperating with the government to develop intelligent vision technology, the Advanced Intelligent Image and Vision Technology Research Center helps Taiwan Tech to create valuable software on intelligent vision technology, as well as cooperate with the school for its hardware manufacturing technology. The center integrates teachers and resources from the College of Engineering, College Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Management, and the College of Applied Science to develop intelligent vision technology and its application in four areas of intelligent control, intelligent systems, intelligent biomedicine, and intelligent finance. On the other hand, the center promotes competitions, forums and seminars, and a complete intelligent vision course. It also invests in industrial cooperation to cultivate high-level talents and bring the innovation and development to the industry.

Introduction and Founded Purpose

The AIVC Center has been dedicated to promoting the continuous creation of valuable software designs in the application of intelligent vision development strategies for Taiwan Tech. With the hardware manufacturing technology and advantages of Taiwan Tech, it will head toward the major development center for intelligent vision technology in Taiwan and even internationally.

The establishment of the center is sponsored by the Ministry of Education's Industry-Academy Innovation Research and Development Program. The goal is to work on the application of cross-field deep vision computing and analysis-related fields of forward-looking industry 4.0 combined with artificial intelligence. Our team focuses on the development of software platforms that meet the needs of the industry. Applications include real-time optical inspection on the production line, intelligent medical treatment, bioinformatics identification technology, process parameter optimization, and intelligent transportation systems, etc., providing integrated or customized solutions for industry partners and customers.


We will continue our operating style by using the academic and practical strengths of Taiwan Tech to reinforce the quality and quantity of industry-academic cooperation, and provide our cooperative companies with integrated or customized solutions. In addition, we are dedicating to develop client software with deep learning architecture to achieve academic results in practical applications, and to improve the core competence of research and development.
We have dedicated to building a team with high R&D creativity and extensibility, which can use the advantages of each team member in the field of deep learning technology to bring customers the benefits of cutting-edge technology in development and application. We also develop the corresponding functional modules for the special needs of individual customers. Our goal is to use the easiest way to allow users who are not good at programming to experience the convenience brought by intelligent vision.